John J. Christoforetti, M.D.

Shoulder Impingement

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The ball and socket joint of the shoulder is surrounded by a fluid-filled sack called a “bursa.” Breakdowns in the function of the shoulder can lead to inflammation of this sack called “bursitis.”

Traditionally, the term used to describe this condition has been “impingement syndrome.” Impingement syndrome is thought by most to be caused by conflict between the rotator cuff and the bone above it. This conflict can be associated with bone spurs, tendinitis in the biceps, and pain.

Most patients with this problem can successfully be helped by skilled shoulder reconditioning in the hands of an experienced therapist. Steroid injections are also frequently administered to reduce inflammation.

Rarely, this condition requires surgery for resolution of bursitis and removal of offending bone spurs. If you have been diagnosed with impingement syndrome and would like consultation regarding your options for treatment, contact Dr. Christoforetti!

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