Hip Labrum Reconstruction

During hip labrum surgery, there is a chance that the labrum (cartilage) is not healthy enough for repair and tissue may be removed (debridement, chondroplasty).  If needed to allow for healing, Dr. Christoforetti may use the patient’s own tissue (autograft) or a donated tissue (from a cadaver, allograft) to rebuild the labrum (labrum reconstruction). First described in 2009, labral reconstruction is a surgical procedure where a graft is used to reconstruct the native labrum. The indications for labral reconstruction have come to include patients where the labrum is irreparable, severely hypotrophic, ossified or segmentally deficient.

Labral reconstruction provides a viable alternative for maintaining and preserving labral function in patients with irreparable labral tears or insufficient labral tissue for repair. The primary indications for labral reconstruction are irreparable labral tears or insufficient labral tissue. Labral reconstruction provides several biomechanical advantages as a treatment option for labral pathology, including improved fluid pressurization, stabilization of the hip to distractive forces, and reduced contact pressure in the hip joint

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