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Dr. Christoforetti did a plica surgery on my right knee along with another procedure. He is a great doctor! Answered any and every question we had! Talked to us before hand about any sort of situation that may arise. He found an underlying medical condition and corrected that. I would highly recommend him for all knee patients!Patient K Dr. Christoforetti Reviews on Health Grades

Dr. Christoforetti performed rotator cuff surgery in April 2018, now it's December 2018, and I've continually gotten stronger with improved range of motion each week. Additionally, many of the problems I was having (especially trying to sleep), range of motion, and weakness have virtually disappeared. Being somewhat older__ now 65, I'm excited about being 8 months in on a 1 year journey to the high 90's recovery spectrum. Golf, bowling, home work and repairs are now back. Thank you Dr. C.!!Patient A SDr. Christoforetti Reviews on Health Grades

Dr. Christoforetti is a phenomenal surgeon! I was debilitated with a hip issue for over four years and no one was able to help me. He listened to me, which previous doctors failed to do. My first visit with him lasted over 2 hours and he had answered every question I had and started me on the path to addressing my problem. It has been 5 months since my surgery and I feel wonderful. He gave me my life back! I cannot say thank you enough to him and his staff for all that he has done for me.Patient LDr. Christoforetti Reviews on Health Grades

Dr. Christoforetti is hands down the best surgeon. I just had my second hip done for torn labrum, he did my right last year and just had left one done last week. I feel so much better, he has given me quality of life back. He and his entire staff are wonderful. I truly believe that he cares about his patients and doing everything to make them better. I highly recommend him for anyone who is in need of Orthopedic care.Patient J YDr. Christoforetti Reviews on Health Grades

I have worked in the orthopedic environment in Dallas/FW for many years and I am so impressed with Dr. Christoforetti's work. He is technically superb and everything he does is evidence based through years of experience and research.Patient P H

Dr. Christoforetti was great. He diagnosed my hip problem immediately and performed the surgery perfectly. I've been able to participate in a gruelling 12 hour, 35 mile walk over rugged, primitive terrain, and return to playing baseball after my procedure. The care and attention I received was first rate.

Had 2 total knee replacements by Dr Christoforetti and can say that both right and left legs had never felt better. Moving around like a young man. Only did one knee at a time and can say the experiance was amazing.

After reading the other comments, I have a question. What good/great orthopedic surgeon doesn't have an ego? Dr. Christoforetti backs his up with his skills.He was the sixth doctor that I interviewed and he listened and explained his findings. I chose to have the surgery and everything that I needed post-op, down to the ice packs, were taken care of. It's a level of care that you rarely see.

I had a arthroscopic surgery done on my hip about 10 years ago. I was in constant pain for almost a year before seeking treatment. Dr Christopheretti was great at every step. I knew exactly what I needed to do before and after the surgery to help me recover fully. My hip felt better the day after surgery than it had in the months before. Since then I have earned a 3rd degree black belt, done CrossFit and completed a half marathon.Patient S J

Best hip-guy around. My hip was crunching, clicking, and aching at all hours. It’s been 12 months since my surgery and my hip is silky smooth.Patient J O

Dr. Chrisoforetti spent some time explaining the non-surgical options and has obviously invested in quality rehab professionals in and around the community. If cutting is the last thing you want, Dr. Christoforetti is the right guy for you.Patient H R

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