John J. Christoforetti, M.D.

Rotator Cuff Tear

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The sleeve of tendons that attach the ball of the shoulder to the shoulder blade are known as the “rotator cuff.” Tears of the rotator cuff are common in middle aged patients and can be associated with pain and weakness of the shoulder.

Medical research shows that full thickness tears in the rotator cuff have a high likelihood of increasing in size over time. They can even progress to the point of becoming too large to repair. If this occurs, weakness, pain and even arthritis may occur.

Most experienced shoulder specialists recommend surgery to repair torn rotator cuffs. This can be done with an open or arthroscopic technique. Although the best medical evidence has yet to support the superiority of arthroscopic repair, many surgeons and patients agree that this technique is the way of the future.

Recovery following rotator cuff surgery requires a strong commitment to rehabilitation with an experienced shoulder therapist. Dr Christoforetti works with select therapists in the Pittsburgh area and strives to direct the most current and effective rehab protocols.

If you have been diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and are interested in a consultation, please contact Dr. Christoforetti!

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